Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rachel's PPT

Rachel's PPT was today. I went into it knowing I would hear the reults of her testing, so I was mentally prepared. Even so, it wasn't easy to see in black and white how frustrating it must be, to be Rachel right now.

Long story, short: Rachel will be receiving special education services in math, language arts, speech/language, PT and OT. She'll be out of the classroom for 10 hours per week. I think she'll be more out than in!

Some of the scores were pretty interesting. They show that she has relied heavily on her few strengths to achieve as much as she has in school. Her visual motor skills test put her in the 1%ile. Yeah, first percentile. Visual spatial and Fine motor tests put her in the 20th percentile. It's a wonder this kid can even write! The one test that was somewhat "alarming" to me was the Form Constancy subtest. Her age equivalent there equalled 4 years and 9 months. This certainly explains why she struggles to read.

Other 1st percentile results were in the Locomotor Subtest and the Object Control subtest, which were done for the Physical Therapist's evaluation. These were tests that check her gross motor skills such as running, hopping, etc as well as gross motor movements with objects, such as dribbling, catching, or kicking a ball.

Rachel's speech therapist from this summer would be interested in these numbers: In the LPT-3, Rachel scored in the 4th, 2nd, and 6th, percentiles on the Similarities subtest, Differences subtest, and Attributes subtest, respectively. With an overall total test score in the 7th percentile. She scored in the 10th percentile on the Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test-II.

To be fair, the evaluators were all very careful to tell me those things that Rachel excelled at as well. But honestly, no matter how you sandwich it with good things, those scores are still tough to hear. And while I am happy to hear that she is polite, eager to please and tries her best at everything, these are the very things I see slipping away as each week passes and she gets more and more discouraged.

Hopefully now that she will be getting the help she needs, we will start to see her not struggle so hard and to not get so frustrated. I am optomistic, now that we are no longer trying to assist Rachel in bits and pieces, but are dealing with Rachel as a whole, we will begin to see improvement.

I am realistic in my expectations, I think. I don't want to change Rachel. I just want to ease her struggle.
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