Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well, I survived the interrogation by the school psychologist. She was very nice. She was surprised at some of my answers, which is a little unsettling. I know I am different, but I certainly didn't think I was that abnormal! Apparently my methods of discipline and my life goals for my kids are unusual?

We also got through our Parent/Teacher conferences. Both girls are doing fine. Samantha is interacting more with the other kids and not clinging quite so much to Rachel. She is giving her teacher less attitude (apparently saving it all up for me!). Rachel is being Rachel and everyone loves her sweetness and innocence. She is enjoying her role as "mother hen" in the classroom.

We have our PPT for Rachel scheduled for next Tuesday. This is the one where we learn the results of all the testing that has been done in the last month. At least this time I am prepared for the results; not like when they gave the OT/PT results at the end of the last school year.

Today is our church's missionary dinner banquet. I'm making cranberry sauce, peach trifle, and baked beans. Tomorrow is another church dinner after the morning service. For that I am making stuffing and Nathalie and Abby made chocolate chip cookies. They had to triple the recipe so it counts as math class!

Also today the van is picking up the FFA kids from the airport. Unfortunately this means we'll be missing out on cousin Olivia's birthday party. I didn't learn of the party until 2 days ago and had already promised the van by then.

Yesterday Sam and Rachel finished the chicken coop to replace the temporary rooster shelter. Now the roosters will have a warm house and we can free up some of the fencing for the laying hens which need more space.

Sam and Rachel also replaced all the fire bricks in our woodstove. The old ones were very cracked and crumbling. Rachel was trying to figure out how old the woodstove was. My parents gave it to us about 9 years ago and I know it was in their house for about 12 years. So let's just say it is over 20 years old. Hopefully with the new fire bricks, it will last another 5-10 years.

The next project is the shelves in my mud room. We were able to purchase the sheet of plywood we needed yesterday, so Sam will start on it when he is home on Monday.

The older girls and I sorted through all the winter things and thankfully, only Abby needs snowpants. Rachel and Samantha are the only ones who need snowboots. Everyone has a "good" winter coat and a "barn" winter coat. My mother-in-law keeps us well stocked in hats and mittens. So, that project is done.

Thursday a group of homeschoolers came to tour our farm. We had a fun visit and almost sold some goats! I did sell a lot of my honey and discussed "goat shares" with one couple. If the chickens had been laying, I could have sold several dozen eggs too.

Two goats will be going to auction on Monday. Abby has decided to pay for her goat's feed every month, rather than send it to auction. She is hoping to sell it in the spring to a family.

I think that is all that's news here...
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