Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Game Night

Yesterday morning we drove the camper to the RV shop so that it can be properly winterized. We learned last fall that this is something we cannot do ourselves and well, has expensive consequences if done improperly. On our way back through Lebanon we stopped to pick up Grace and Dianna. We also dropped off some things that Hannah needed since she was spending a second night at her friend's house. Next we picked up Nathalie's friend Jenny.

After we had 7 girls loaded in the van we descended onto the town library. Abby needed some books for her schoolwork this week and of course we had a bajillion books to return. The girls also put in their interlibrary loan requests with Mrs. Slate, the librarian.

Back at home I slipped into my sewing room and finished a few more projects while everyone was happily playing. Sam worked on cleaning out his garage so that he has room to work on my mudroom shelves today.

Phyllis, Gordon, Will and Nora all joined us for shepherd's pie and winter squash for dinner. After an ice cream dessert we pulled out the Scrabble board. I love word games! Sam and I as a team won handily with Gordon and Abby coming in second, while Nathalie and Phyllis took third. This makes up for all the Sudoku games that Phyllis has beaten me at over on facebook! We played several rounds of Sequence (our new favorite game here at the Smith house) and I think every team won at least once.

We will definitely have to do this again!
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