Monday, November 3, 2008


The Costumes:

Abby ended up going as a farmer. She painted a couple of cardboard boxes and taped them together with some cardboard wheels that were tied on and could even spin!
Nathalie was an indian and she made her own papoose cradle board out of cardboard and yarn.
Hannah was a doctor with a borrowed (from our neighbor) hair net, lab coat and face mask.
Rachel was a gymnast and Samantha looked cool dressed in her fifties poodle skirt.

We went to my mom and dad's for dinner. Mom made shepherd's pie! YUM! Before dinner we drove up the road a bit to my fourth grade teacher's house. She said over and over again how she was so glad they weren't disappointed. She handed out her popcorn bags and made her husband come and look at the costumes. He especially liked Abby's.

At mom's Mrs. King stopped by with a special cake for the girls. They certainly had fun cutting it up!

Mrs. King had filled the head and body with red jello and green frosting! As the girls cut it, the "guts" oozed out!
After dinner the girls watched a movie while mom, dad, Mrs. King, and I ate chocolate and talked. We arrived home about 9:oo and everyone went to bed!

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