Monday, November 17, 2008

Have I Mentioned...?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas? I am spending a lot of time in my sewing room, sewing up projects for my girls, my nieces and nephews, and my in-laws. I love to give gifts and let people know that they were thought of in a special way. Christmas gives me an excuse to do so!

Have I mentioned how much I love my newly organized office/sewing area? Having a cutting area that is 8 feet long and 26 inches wide, and at the right height so that I don't have to stoop, is so perfectly wonderful! I have the christian radio station playing and the woodstove right around the corner keeping me warm. The girls' school desks are right outside the door, so I can help them with their schoolwork. I don't think it could be more perfect!

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for a husband who is willing to work 94 hours! this week? He is taking every drop of overtime he can get so that we can make ends meet. Yesterday, before he left for the firehouse, at o'dark-thirty, he started the coffee pot with my hazelnut coffee! He is so thoughtful.

Have I mentioned how much I am loving this "No TV" thing? The girls are getting their school work done, working on craft projects and playing games together. Last night as Hannah and Abby folded laundry in the laundry room, they were singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" together. I wonder if they know how it blessed me?
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