Sunday, November 23, 2008


What began on Saturday morning as a sniffle has now blossomed into a full-blown nasty head cold! While I am thankful it has steered clear of my lungs, I really wish I could walk further than two feet from a box of tissues. In fact I have given up on the box and now just walk around with a roll of toilet paper. It lasts longer than the box.

Last night as a I sat reading and blowing my nose every 30 seconds, Abby came in with a card for me. It was a get well card with the message that I could sleep in the next morning. She would get up and get everyone going. I noticed that all the girls had signed the card, except that Nathalie's signature was really small and squished in the corner with an illegibly scrawled note beside it.

Me: (blowing my nose) "Abby what does this say near Nathalie's name?"
Abby: "I don't know." (Translation: she has an inkling but doesn't want to admit that whatever it is, she played a part in it.)
Me: "Nathalie, what does this say?" (Blowing my nose, again)
Nat: "It says..." (She has this really emabrrassed uncomfortable look on her face) "... 'I do not want to sign this'. Abby said we had to sign it and she was being bossy."
Abby: "I said she 'needed' to sign it. I didn't force her to sign it."
Me: "ARRRGGG! Abby go heat up the beef stew. Nathalie go set the table. Thanks for the Get well card." (Blowing my nose again)
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