Friday, November 14, 2008

TV Free!

We started a TV Free week on Friday. I picked Friday because Sam would be gone away at work for the first three days of it (Yes, he worked 72 hours straight at the firehouse!). He is a real TV junky and since I didn't consult him on my plan, I figured that when he came home, if he really didn't go for it, at least we would have had three days of no TV. Surprisingly, he came home and agreed to it! So we have been TV free for a whole week!

The first day was a bit rough. By Sunday, all but Samantha had stopped asking to watch TV. Perhaps because every time they asked I said, "No. Go fold some laundry for 15 minutes." Samantha is just stubborn enough that she figured if she asked often enough, I would give in. She forgot that I can out-stubborn anyone.

The girls have pulled out some of the board games and have been engaging each other in Risk marathons as well as Sequence tournaments. Sam played a game or two with them at night when he got home from Tractor Supply. Abby and Nathalie even played a few rounds of Candyland with Samantha!

Without TV, all those half-finished craft projects that I cleaned and organized in my sewing area have started to become complete. They are all working on Christmas gift projects now, too. Abby has leaped ahead in her schoolwork without TV to distract her. Rachel made an airplane out of a cardboard box and construction paper. The only negative, and it really isn't one: I have to go to the library more often as they are reading even more voraciously than before!

I may just extend this no TV thing for as long as I can...
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