Friday, December 26, 2008

Let Me 'Splain. No. There Is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up

Let's see. The computer when in to be repaired on November 29th, since then much has happened:

Abby wrote up a proposal for her 4H community service project and mailed it to the first selectman. She then presented her project to the board of selectman. It was approved and so now she will start soliciting donations of mulch, edging, and plants for her beautification of the flagpole on the town green.

A friend's husband died suddenly and very unexpectedly. It was a very sad thing and we are all continuing to pray for the family.

Sam was injured at work, again. This time he was sliding the pole going to a call at 1AM. He landed wrong and wrenched his back. He continued to the call in severe pain. Upon returning to the firehouse it was decided that he needed to go to the hospital, so at 6AM Sam called to inform me that he was going by ambulance. Gotta love those moments....

He is home now unable to return to work for a few more weeks. He is still in a lot of pain and is on three different pain medications. He started physical therapy this week and will continue 3 times a week. They are working on getting him in to see a neurologist since he has persistent numbness down his leg and into his foot.

A huge snowstorm came and postponed my mom's Christmas party on the 20th. It took the girls and I from 6:30 AM until 11AM to shovel out the driveway. The girls sang Christmas carols at the top of their lungs for nearly the whole time. It was actually kind of nice.

After digging ourselves out we drove to my mom's to dig them out. We couldn't get up their hill so we started shovelling from the bottom and worked our way up. Two hours later we reached the top. Abby went in the house and came back out saying there is a note for me on the chalkboard: Mom had called 911 cause my dad was feeling lightheaded and was pale after snow blowing the top of the driveway. He was fine; just had a bad cold, hadn't eaten and well, isn't really known for exercising and shouldn't have been shovelling snow!

The girls' Christmas play was wonderful and Rachel and Samantha looked truly angelic. Nathalie remembered her lines and Abby managed to sing despite getting the giggle-fits.

Our Christmas Eve Brunch was so much fun! We had about 45 people attend and I think everyone had a good time. Our last guest didn't leave until 3PM! The discussions I heard varied from livestock care, the international dateline, history of the clock, can you lose your salvation?, masters degrees, husband's jobs, school vacations, babies, family histories and Christmas traditions.

Christmas Eve was a quiet one at my mom's. My mom gave Sam and I a vacuum cleaner! It, of course, was exactly what I had asked for. For the girls she gave a brand new sewing machine! I think it might be even better than mine! My uncle gave the girls boxes, yes, boxes of candy! He bought the good stuff too! Jelly Belly jelly beans, cinnamon bears, and chocolate covered pretzels! Andy gave the three older girls itunes gift cards to go with the ipods my brother John had bought them. John gave Samantha a drum set and Rachel a HUGE! stuffed horse with a saddle!

We arrived home from mom's around 9PM. At which point we exchanged gifts. Sam got his obligatory socks and underwear gifts. I got new bowls and serving utensils. Nathalie had built a cradle with Sam for Rachel and Samantha. Hannah had made a blanket and a pillow for it. Abby gave me one of her pastel artworks that will look wonderful in my room once I get it matted and framed. Rachel and Samantha gave their sisters slipper socks.

We finally got everyone to bed around 10 PM. Poor Santa was up waaaayyy past her bedtime!

On Christmas morning, I finally had to wake everyone up at 6:45AM! My parents arrived at 7:45 and the girls opened the gifts under the tree. The crocheted shawls were the big hit! Hannah put hers on as soon as she opened it and I don't think she has taken it off yet! We had a lovely breakfast together. About ten minutes after my parents left, my sister Crystal, her husband Mike and their daughter Alexia arrived. So we opened more gifts! She gave the girls everything they need to run their own beauty parlor! Blow dryer, curling iron, pedicure/manicure kits...

After they left, we cleaned up and took care of the animals before heading back up to mom and dad's for MORE Christmas! And the big surprise! Crystal had decided to go to mom's too! The girls were happy to get more time to play with Alexia. We got back home around 9PM and fell exhausted but content into bed!

Tomorrow is Christmas at my in-law's and I agreed to bring the rolls. My mom's party which had to be rescheduled is on Sunday. And then Sam's birthday is the 31st!
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