Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lyman Allyn Art Museum

Yesterday we took the girls to the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London (or was it Groton, I can never remember what side of the river I am on!). The museum has art by Walter Wick on exhibit until the end of the month. Walter Wick is the creator and author of the "Can You See What I See" and "I Spy" series of books.
The exhibit consists of many of Mr. Wick's photographs made huge with many of his actual models that he (and his team) created in order to make the photos. The detail and time involved in creating something for just one photo is incredible!
At the entrance the girls were given a paper with certain photos and lists of things to look for in those photos. In addition some of the photos had lists of things to find posted near them. It took us nearly two hours to go through all the photos.
Mr. Wick, the girls discovered, was born in Connecticut and in the same month and year as my dad. They found that to be interesting. The other thing they learned is that, perspective makes a world of difference. The same display, photographed from an slightly different angle, creates an entirely different picture!
We also walked through the American Art gallery in the downstairs portion of the museum. The girls enjoyed it more than the French Art exhibit.
On our way home we drove through the campus of Conn College. Hannah really liked it there. She liked the old buildings and the "peacefulness" of it all. Perhaps she will want to attend?? Only seven more years until college for her!
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