Thursday, February 5, 2009

4H and THE Bug

Sam was hired for the 4H position! He starts officially on February 13th. In true 4H fashion, they have told him to expect it to take up to six weeks for his first paycheck and the other items necessary for the job (laptop, keys, promotion materials). It looks like it is going to be a very fun position. One of the objectives is to create and "After-school" 4H club at the Dolphin Center. Sam is looking forward to it because these clubs will be centered around projects that (for the most part) don't involve animals. He will be promoting 4H's new initiative: Science, Engineering, and Technology (a.k.a. SET).

Rachel and Samantha are over their fevers but are still hanging on to their coughs. Sam checked Nathalie thsi morning and announced he's 99.9% sure she has strep. So somehow between two dentist appointments at 9:30 and 10:00, dropping off paperwork at the 4H office, buying bread (cause the last loaf which I opened this morning was moldy!!!), and work at 1:00, I'll need to squeeze in a run to East Lyme with her.

Hannah and I are the only ones who haven't been sick. Sam is hacking but no fever, and Abby is very stuffed up and coughing, but no fever. Whatever this thing is, it is nasty! The day care was really quiet with a lot of kids out because they or their parents are sick.
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