Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kidding Starts Soon

Our goats are due to start kidding next week! At least one doe (Moeeka: Moe- eckah, we didn't name her!) looks like she may be carrying triplets. Abby's doe, Dunkin Doenuts, is starting to develop a nice udder and Abby is really hoping for a doeling (or two!). This year Abby may be doing some of the kidding without me as I am working at the day care center. She is a little nervous but she has an army of 4-H "moms" who are ready and willing to jump in if she needs help.

We have already had a few requests for kidds this year, which is a good thing, as we are not planning on keeping very many. Abby wants to keep a doe out of Dunkin and I would like to keep whichever doe is the best out of all of the ones born this year. This will be our first year that we won't have any milker's available for sale! We really thinned our herd down last fall.

The chicks arrive on March 8th, and no, I haven't yet located the "chick support equipment", or CSE.

Last week Nathalie left not one, but two gates open, and our dog, Delight, ran away. It had snowed recently so we were able to follow her footprints. She went out the front yard, across the street and into the woods where we lost the trail. She has yet to return. We contacted all the local dog pounds and notified all our neighbors, with no sign of her. I think she is really gone if hunger and the pouring rain didn't convince her to return. It is a hard lesson for a kid who has a bad habit of neglecting the important details, like closing gates!
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