Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Buckling

Abby's doe kidded yesterday afternoon while I was at work. Dunkin Doenuts is Abby's favorite doe. This doe was the product of Abby's first breeding on her own with her own herd name. And so she was very anxious about potentially losing this doe.

She had Nathalie call me at work to tell me that Dunkin was pushing. I told her to call Mrs. Ski as a back up in case things got to scary for her. Thankfully she called her right away, cause Abby got scared when Dunkin, started really yelling. Being a first timer, she was less than calm, to say the least.

Dunkin ended up giving birth to a ten pound buckling with Mrs. Ski's help. Abby had a hard time choosing a name for him since she knows he will most likely be going to auction, unless she finds a buyer for him. She did finally settle on "Brownie". She also manged to find a potential buyer who is coming on Sunday to check him out as a pet and companion for another goat.

In other news, I have come down with strep throat! I am wondering why it is when you have a fever, you feel chilled? I just couldn't seem to get warm! Sam had me covered in about six blankets last night! I should be feeling better by tomorrow with several doses of the antibiotics on board. We are all just hoping it doesn't spread through everyone in the house.
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