Friday, March 20, 2009

The Bees Are Coming!

My bees were supposed to be arriving from Georgia on April 12th. I was slightly perturbed by this since that also happens to be Easter Sunday. Not exactly when I wanted to be suiting up and dealing with 30,000 irritated stinging insects. I was hoping that the date would be pushed back a week.

No such luck. They've been pushed up a couple of weeks! My bees are arriving on March 27th! We did a quick check of my supplies to be sure I had everything I would need to set up three hives next Friday. It appears I am only short one bottom board. One of my original boards from 6 years ago, has finally been banged around enough to actually fall apart.

I went online to check out getting one shipped here in time. The shipping costs are nearly double the price of the board! Sam has agreed that making one is a better idea. He has some pine milled up in the garage and he will set to work on it this afternoon, using the broken one as a template.

I am happy to say that the one hive I worked on getting to winter over, was successful! I saw bees flying in and out two days ago and they were busily bringing in pollen from somewhere. Most likely the skunk cabbages are in bloom. I will be giving them some sugar for a little extra boost to get through the last few weeks until mid April brings about more blossoms.

Spring is officially here today and it looks like the calendar and nature are in sync!
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