Thursday, March 12, 2009

THE "Bug": Round 10??

Apparently the "Bug" isn't through with us yet! Abby has come down with strep. The hope is it doesn't make the rounds through the house. She is feeling okay, other than a sore throat and swollen tonsils, which are making it hard for her to swallow. She has no fever so she isn't feeling very sick. We kept her home from church last night as we don't need to infect the rest of of our friends! Saturday will be day four on antibiotics so Nathalie's birthday party wil be unaffected.

Abby's goat, Dunkin, is now four days overdue. Dunkin's mother always went four days overdue, so we are anticipating that today is the day. Lucy is due tomorrow and she has always gone two days overdue in the past. We are figuring for a Sunday delivery.

Tomorrow is my day off at the daycare center. I will be going there in the morning and bringing baby chicks, grown chickens, an empty bee hive, and some baby goats. All week we have been doing "farm" activities in preparation. I am hoping the weather gets warm so we can do most of it outside!
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