Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My house is driving me nuts. My mom and dad are moving to North Carolina and so mom is cleaning out her house.

The upside: This is a huge blessing for us because we are getting much of what she doesn't want, need, or desire to move to N.C.
The downside: I have nowhere, at the moment, to put everything! So it is all kind of stacked. Everywhere. It's a little like Christmas around here with fabric, sewing notions, craft supplies and food stocks, all in the oddest places!
The upside: I now am motivated to really cull, sort, and organize what I have so that I can properly move in what mom has given us.

And so we have begun a section in our homeschool curriculum labeled: Home Ec. Yesterday afternoon we tackled the kids' sewing area and the playroom area. The girls were happy to know their beloved DUPLO legos are going to Nora. This afternoon we will tackle the laundry/pantry.

Then, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, we will work on sorting and putting away everything. We are applying the principle of "one new thing in; one old thing out". Good thing the 4-H Camp Benefit Auction is coming up soon!
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