Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lucy's Kidds!

Lucy kidded yesterday afternoon. When I left for work she was starting to contract and I called Sally to let her know that I was leaving for work and Abby would be on her own. Lucy for the last two years has had a difficult time kidding and prefers to lie down, scream, and not push her kidds out. I wanted Abby to have someone on back-up just in case things didn't look good.

Sally generously offered to come over and sit with Abby and Lucy. At around 12:30 I got a call that Lucy was in serious labor but not really pushing. We decided to give her some calcium. About a half hour later I was informed that she had pushed out a doe and was about to have another.

Calcium, or Callie, and Fluorine, or Flo, are doing very well. I am so thankful that I have such wonderful friends (Ski's and Jones') who are willing to drop everything and help out!
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