Sunday, March 8, 2009

More New Babies

Okra was taking her sweet time yesterday and so by 5PM we gave up on the idea of her kidding before the next morning. We set up the baby monitor and I sat down to read.

Until 7:15PM all was quiet in the barn. Okra wasn't making a sound. All of a sudden she starts calling, loudly! I announce that it's time and made one quick phone call to Kate who was heading over here anyway, to tell her to hurry. The girls all scrambled to grab up our birthing towels, bulb syringe, and lubricant. Rachel and Samantha were very happy since now they didn't have to go to bed.

The babies were born without incident, both in proper position, and quickly. Kate arrived about 5 minutes after they were born! Two doelings! And even better: NO WHITE SPOTS! We have named them Molybdenum (Molly) and Polonium (Polly). One of the doelings looks to be in contention for "the one we keep this year".
Dunkin, who is due today, is starting to look ready. Her ligaments are soft and she has some discharge. Of course this being her first freshening, it could still be days... Abby is really hoping for does with no white spots this time. Unfortuantely genetics aren't on her side as Dunkin has a white spot and, we bred her with the son of the buck we suspect is throwing the white spots. But thankfully Dunkin is considered a "grade" doe (meaning she is not 100% Oberhasli breeding) so a white spot does not make the kidds unregisterable.
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