Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Kidds Yet!

Still waiting for our goats to do their thing! Moeeka (Moe-eh-kah) is due today and Okra is due tomorrow. Dunkin is due on Sunday. They are all acting ready and Moe and Okra have both "dropped". This means the kidds have settled into position, giving the does a hollowed-out appearance.

We are sleeping with the baby monitor set up in the barn. This way we can hear what is going on in the barn. Abby has the receiver in her room. She also has a walkie-talkie and so do I. When she thinks she needs to investigate, she sends Nathalie up to wake me and tell me to turn on the walkie-talkie, while Abby heads out to the barn. Abby then radios me to tell me if she needs me or not. It's all very "Secret Agent" like!

The theme for this year for naming the goats is the Periodic Table! SO far the ones high on the list are: Molybdenum, we'll call her Molly; Barium, we'll call him Barry; Polonium, we'll call her Polly; Cadmium, we'll call her Cady; and Fluorine, we'll call her Flo. With potentially 14 babies this year we will need a lot more elements! Any suggestions with nicknames are appreciated!
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