Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Things!

Sam is working his third straight 24 hour shift today. (Of course, so am I!) So far, he has had a quiet trip: a brush fire and a couple of not-too-serious car accidents. He is getting a lot of down time at the firehouse with which to study for his lieutenant's test. He is scheduled to take the test on May 12th. I am praying he passes and gets the position as it will mean so much to him. If he does get the position it will mean he is no longer the driver who gets to stay with the engine and be safe. The lieutenant is one of the first ones to go into a situation. Sam is an excellent firefighter and only takes calculated (why does this word look wrong??) risks, so I know he will make a great lieutenant.
Our upcoming weekend is lookng insanely busy. Our 4-H hot dog sale fundraiser at Tractor Supply is happening at the same time as Hannah's youth activity at church. Thankfully some great friends are able to bring her to their house after it is over, until I can get there. My parents will be up from North Carolina to finalize the packing and moving of their things to their new home. This will mean frequent trips to Canterbury with vanloads of the things that they aren't moving. It also means frequest trips to the dump with our old stuff that my parents' stuff (which is newer and nicer) is replacing.
Spring cleaning of the yard will also be happening as we have a number of groups coming to our farm for tours in the next couple of weeks. The "lawn" (if you can call it that) needs to be raked, fencepost holes dug, fences put up, barn painted, barn cleaned, garden turned over and planted, flower gardens weeded, etc. etc. etc...
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