Saturday, April 25, 2009

Night at the Auction

We had such fun at the 4-H auction last night! We arrived a little after 5PM and quickly offloaded the many baskets that we had created for the auction. After getting things settled I got my auction number and bought the girls their supper of hot dogs, chili dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and meatball grinders. YUM!
After eating the girls played outside on the camp swings and then wandered through the many auction items deciding what they wanted to bid on. Abby decided it would be easier if she got her own auction number and I agreed. Keeping track of everyone's purchases at last year's auction was a little crazy!
At 6:30 the auction began and we all settled in for some fun. The girls were volunteers and spent the next three hours presenting items for auction. Abby bid on won a box of Christmas carolers (this word bugged me so I looked up the spelling. It can be one "L" or two!) I won a dog crate for transporting chickens to the fairs, a gift certificate for a 20 person wagon ride at Blue Slope Farm (we'll take the 4-H club for an outing!), and :::drum roll::: I bought a car!
Every year at the auction a local dealership donates a used car. Sam and I had been setting money aside to purchase a car for me to drive to work. The van at 12 miles to the gallon was taking a large portion of my paycheck. I was limited by the amount we had in the savings, so I wouldn't be tempted to go beyond, should the bidding get crazy. My last bid was my very limit, and I was the last bidder! So I now own a red Dodge Neon with 88,000 miles. We figure at $1000, even if we only get 10 months out of it, it works out to a $100 per month car payment. The gas savings and reduced wear and tear on the van should be significant as it will only be driven when we have to take all the girls somewhere.
Tonight is night two of the auction. So more fun is to be had!
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