Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Normal Routine!

Well, it is Wednesday, and I *think* we are finally settling back into a routine! Sam left for the firehouse on Saturday morning. He managed to get home for a few minutes yesterday morning, before both of us had to run off to work; me to the daycare and he, to Tractor Supply. Yup, our normal routine!

Thankfully, Samantha's girl scout leader decided to cancel the troop's meeting for Tuesday. So the girls and I drove to my mom's house to get more of the stuff that she isn't moving to North Carolina. Sam met us there after work and we had a nice evening laughing around the table with Andy and Lauren.

Sam just left for the firehouse again. He'll be back Thursday morning to work at his 4H job. But then he is home for 4 whole days, other than his Tractor Supply hours!

This weekend is our wedding anniversary. Sixteen years of marriage on Friday. We'll spend the evening volunteering at the 4H Camp Benefit Auction. It'll be lots of fun! The girls really enjoy going. They volunteer as "gophers". They wear their 4H club shirts and run around getting items, displaying items, and carrying items to the winning bidders' cars. They also always make sure to save a little bit of their fair earnings from the previous year, exclusively to spend at the auction.

It is cute when they are presenting an item that they want to bid on. They are oblivious to the fact that everyone in chairs can see them gesturing and pointing, while giving Sam or I the "eye" to indicate that they want us to bid on the item for them. I will bid for the item up to their allotted amount. Some person will always outbid me, and then after he/she has won the item, they present it to whichever kid was gesturing! In the past I have offered to pay for the item, but they always say the money is for charity, or it makes them happy to spend it on the kids. Someday I hope to be the "grandmother" who can do that sort of thing.
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