Friday, April 24, 2009

Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago today, I was waking up to a dreary, rainy, gray morning. I was hoping against hope that the weather forecasters would be right, and the sun would shine later in the afternoon.
Sam and I had met on a blind date through his cousin Pat. Pat had given Sam my phone number after he had been complaining that "all the nice girls were taken." We first spoke on March 27, 1992. Sam was excited because his brother's draft horse had given birth. It was named Samson. We talked for three hours on that first call.
He called me again on March 29th and we talked again for three hours! He asked me out to dinner and a movie for the following night. When he arrived, he had a huge pick up truck and was wearing cowboy boots! He was a gentleman and came in to meet my parents before we left for our date.
The food was delicious, the movie he had wanted was sold out, and so we settled for the one that wasn't: Wayne's World. I believe that might be the WORST movie on this planet! I think we talked through most of it.
He asked me for a second date and I accepted.
He called me the morning of our second date. He had to cancel because he had to "build boxes" for a customer. So I asked to come along. He agreed after explaining that he was building cremation containers (the boxes in which the bodies are shipped to the crematorium) in the garage of a funeral home!
It was actually a wonderful date where we ate subway grinders and asked "What if?" questions of each other. Huge hypothetical "what if's" about honesty, integrity, children, families, faith, etc. He believed in God, wanted children, loved animals, and was a hard worker. I think I knew then that he was "the one."
In October of 1992, he asked me to marry him and we set a date for April 24, 1993. Our wedding day actually did clear out to a beautiful sunny day. I would post pictures from that day, but in all of our moves, my wedding album has disappeared. It was rumored to have been glimpsed in a box in the garage, but has yet to materialize.
Sam is taking me out for breakfast this morning, because he is working, again!
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