Monday, May 25, 2009

Adventures with Gladys

When we went on our road trip this past weekend, Mrs. Johnson generously loaned us use of her GPS thing-y. She informed us that it had a name, and that name was Gladys.

So we packed Gladys into the front of the van, calibrated her with the satellite, and punched in the address for the firehouse in Waterbury (our first destination of our trip). As we already knew how to get there, we figured we would get to know Gladys better during this initial introductory period.

We quickly learned that Gladys was pushy. She didn't ask you to turn left or right; you were commanded to do so. No please or thank you was ever offered on her part. She reminded you which direction you needed to turn every few hundred yards. We decided to test Gladys and took a route differing from her plan. You could almost hear her, "Hmph!" as she had to re-think the route and come up with a new plan.

After we left Waterbury we soon became frustrated with Gladys as she kept on insisting we drive through New York city. We tried altering our settings from fastest route to shortest route, all to no avail. Gladys wanted to see the city and she was quite adamant about it. As we deviated yet again from her plan, she firmly told us to make a u-turn. We laughed at her and continued on our way.

Gladys got the last laugh though. On the second day of our trip she directed us from our hotel to the farm by way of a 10 mile southbound trip only to have us turn northbound and travel past our point of origin! I heard her snickering as we shouted that we had just past our hotel!

We gave Gladys the afternoon off on our trip from Ohio to CT. We told her it was a mandatory furlough.
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