Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last Minute Changes

With Sam's job as a firefighter, he works 24 hour shifts every other day. He sometimes gets stretches of three days in a row that he isn't working. In those three days he is usually working his part-time jobs (yes, plural). Basically, he is never home.

In the last 14 years of this type of work schedule, I have adapted to this crazy lifestyle. I plan my days based on the thought that Sam will not be present. If he happens to be home, he can join us in whatever we are doing. Often, when he is home, he wants me to join him in whatever errands, etc. that he has planned. This often throws my schedule out the window, but since it happens so infrequently, I can deal with it. Usually.

The part of this lifestyle that is so frustrating to me is the last second nature of it. Take for example, yesterday. Sam was home and he wanted to get the new car registered. He had a few other errands (boxes to deliver, banking, etc.) he wanted to run and he wanted me to go with him. The boxes had to be delivered to the funeral home before 9:30AM and it was currently 8:40AM. I dropped everything and joined him, giving instructions via cell phone to the girls on finishing the feta cheese, continuing the laundry and getting their schoolwork done. We were gone nearly the whole day and very few of the things on my "to do" list were accomplished.

Last night, at 9:30PM, Sam was called in for overtime. At the last minute, my plans are changed. Again. I don't mind schedule changes, it's the last minute changes that bug me. Give me a few hours notice and I can manage it. Having to scramble and reorganize with only 20 minutes notice is frustrating. And I have eleven more years of it to look forward to...
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