Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road Trip

Our whirlwind drive through Maryland and Ohio was completed about 11PM last night! We drove from CT to Maryland and dropped off a buck. We then spent the night in a hotel and in the morning drove to pick up a buck. Next we headed for the Ohio Valley Mall in Ohio to pick up a 6 week old buckling that had flown in from California the week before. We then started on the ten hour drive back home to CT. 1300 Miles in 39 hours!

It was basically uneventful except for a few scary moments on the drive home through PA. I was driving and noticed a cloud formation that really belonged in Kansas, not PA, off to our left. I pointed it out to Sam. He said it didn't appear to be rotating, but then he added, "It does seem to have a serious updraft in the front though." We started to get into some seriously blinding rain at that point, and I slowed to a crawl on the highway with my four-ways going. Then it started to hail. Little pea sized hail. Sam said, "Aim, you might want to find a bridge to get under." I saw one up ahead just as the hail changed to dime sized and the wind started to really blow. We got up under the bridge and pulled over. The hail was now quarter sized and the tractor trailer truckers were blowing by us just centimeters from our mirror (probably really inches but it felt like centimeters as each time one passed the van rocked back and forth)! About ten other drivers had pulled over with us and we all waited out the storm, while Sam and I prayed that neither the passing trucks nor the storm did us all in.

After several minutes the hail stopped, the rain lessened, the wind stopped blowing, and we eased back out onto the highway with everyone else. We never did find out if it was a tornado or just a really bad storm cell.

We are home now. The new goats are in their pens and seem to be happy to be on solid ground and none the worse for wear, after so many hours of travel. Sam left for the firehouse this morning and I will be running about retrieving the girls from their various friends' houses before going to church. A nice quiet afternoon at home is on tap for today.
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