Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Weekend!

This past weekend was quite busy. First our 4-H club spent several hours working at the North Stonington Fairgrounds in preparation for both the North Stonington Fair and the 4-H fair. We added height to the existing gates in the goat/sheep barn to prevent the animals from jumping out. We also continued to stain the boards. Every year we get a little more finished before we run out of stain. Eventually the whole barn will be stained. By then it'll be time to start all over again! After working for a few hours we took a break and enjoyed a hot dog and hamburger picnic! Then it was back to work!

On Sunday afternoon, Hannah was baptized! Our church does not have a baptistry and so Anchor Baptist in Ledyard graciously allowed us to use theirs. This baptism was a huge deal to Hannah who strongly dislikes being in front of people. She struggled for months with this decision for that reason alone. She was able to tell her testimony and profess her faith publicly and she says she is glad she did it.

My camera has something wrong with it. I think it has been dropped too many times. The pictures are all coming out blurry and tinted the wrong color. So these pictures of Hannah's baptism and the fair are grainy because they have been photo-shopped a lot!

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