Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camp Smith: Day one

The first day of Camp Smith was a busy one! Christina arrived at 7:30 with her brand new "muck" boots. Good thing! Because it is definitely mucky out there! The big yellow thing in the sky made an appearance! My poor children were scared of their own shadows, having not seen them for so long!

By 7:45AM Sam and I were out pounding in fence posts and stretching fencing. We worked at it until 9AM when it was time to load the van and head over to the 4-H camp for our first day of Goat Week. We have two campers who brought their goats to camp. Due to a mix up in schedules they arrived about an hour later than expected. We taught the campers about the normal goat, breeds of goat, and how to milk their goat. The campers also spent some time cleaning their barn area. We listened to the rumen and learned the four chambers of the stomach. The campers also took their goat's temperature and learned to look for signs of illness.

Samara met us at 4-H camp with her gear in tow. I thought she was coming for just a week, but apparently she was moving in! Who knew a person could have so much stuff!

We had hot dogs, beans, macaroni salad and chips for lunch. Then it was back to work. The kids began to clear away the debris in the area of what will be another new pasture, while Sam and I continued to stretch fence for the side pasture. The kids made sun prints and then collected the eggs from the chickens, before Christina's dad arrived to pick her up.

We finally finished the side pasture fencing around 4PM. Sam and I cleaned up and after giving instructions on dinner and chores, left for a quick bite to eat and trip to Tractor Supply. At dinner we caught a glimpse of our Pastor and his boys and Sam also bumped into a friend from his woodworking days. At Tractor Supply we purchased the supplies we needed to put up another new pasture (thank goodness for all that overtime).

Today is Day Two of Camp Smith with more fencing, more goat camp, and maybe a swim in the lake!
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