Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camp Smith: Day Two

Day two of Camp Smith dawned with foggy sunshine, promising to be hot and humid! Sam and I had decided last night that we would build a pen for the bucks out behind the building formerly known as the chicken coop. So at 7AM we were out there cleaning out all the bricks, cement blocks, wood scraps, and chicken wire that had accumulated over the last four years.

Christina arrived and I went in to make breakfast while Sam continued to prepare the area. After breakfast some of the girls did the dishes, while others folded laundry, and still others finished the barn chores. Sam and I measured out and began pounding in fence posts.

At 9AM it was decided that Sam and Nathalie would stay home and finish the fencing while I took the rest of the girls to the 4-H camp for Goat camp. At camp we clipped and cleaned hooves, and began trimming fur for shows. We ran out of time before finishing completely, so we'll finish up tomorrow and learn about the parts of the goat.

We came home and had a quick lunch of peanut butter and jelly or tuna sandwiches. Then everyone scrambled to find bathing suits and we headed up to my mom's (or brother's, depending on your perspective) house in Canterbury. There, I clipped Toto and Magnum (the dogs) for their summer haircuts, while the girls swam in the pool. Toto looks like a lion as she HATES the clippers being near her headed and gets quite nasty about it. After an hour in the pool we headed home.

Samantha painted the gate for the buck pen while Sam, Nathalie and I made the shelter. The younger girls played a rousing game of store in the playroom.

Now Sam is starting the campfire for our after-dinner s'mores. We'll be sure to put on lots of bug repellent due to the pterodactyl-skeeters that are in our yard!
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