Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off and Running!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the public schooled kids. We will start "summer homeschool" next week. This week is full of all kinds of craziness that will take some adjusting to before we attempt to add school work to the whole mess!

Sam and I both start new hours at our jobs this week. So all of our routines and schedules have to be reconfigured. Throw in an emergency 4-H Fair Association meeting, VBS every night, a hot dog sale fundraiser, and the other normal hectic life of animals, and there's no chance of any schoolwork getting done!

Next week is "Goat Week" at 4-H camp. We couldn't afford to send the girls to camp this year, but we were volunteered to run goat week at camp. So we will go to camp for two hours every morning and teach the campers about goats. It'll be like going to camp without the sleeping in cabins part!

The following week, the cousins from Kansas are coming, as well as possibly some cousins from New Hampshire! They will be staying with us for a week. During that week we will be getting everything ready for the Connecticut ADGA show and the North Stonington Fair. All the kids and cousins will get to show goats at the fair! It is a lot of fun! We are also planning a huge trip to the Boston Science Museum for that Monday. It looks like about 20 of us will be going! Also that week is the Teen Challenge event at our church for Abigail and Nathalie.

The week after that has nothing planned for it other than a possible camping trip with some friends (no animals!). The last week in July is our 4-H fair!

Summer will be flying by with so much to do!
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