Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4-H Fair

The New London County 4-H Expo is this weekend! I think we are all ready! The word of the week is: FLEXIBILITY. With all the changes and challenges for this year's event, everyone must remain flexible and willing to go with the flow. Our Barn Meeting is slated for tomorrow night at 7PM at the cow barn on the fairgrounds.

Abby is away at camp in North Carolina this week, but she'll be home VERY late on Saturday. She will be joining us at the fair on Sunday. We really miss her around here.

Nathalie and Hannah have come up with a menu for the weekend. Nathalie has planned out the next few days for preparing the camper. It is good to see her working hard at her contribution to fairs. All the girls have completed their 4-H record books. Happily they needed little help from me!

Today I have to food shop for the ingredients for all their baking entries. Nathalie is making her "To Die For Chocolate Cake". We're all secretly hoping she messes up the first one so we can eat it! She is also entering the State Junior baking contest: Blueberry cake.

Last night I attended the Ledyard Fair meeting. It is good to see that our 4-H fair meetings aren't nearly as unique as we think they are. We are all set for the Ledyard fair goat show. I just need to find a judge...

Grace and Dianna spent the night here last night and Hannah slept over Samara's house. We will swap back kids today. We are settling into summer, I think.
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