Sunday, July 19, 2009

The British are Coming!

Saturday dawned as a beautiful sunny day with the promise of being hot and humid. Sam arrived home from work and we decided to take a trip to the two forts in Groton and New London. We opted to visit Fort Griswold first, as most of it is outside and it was cooler in the morning. Hannah and I decided to not climb the 166 steps to the top of the monument. But Sam and the other girls did, with Samantha racing to the top ahead of everyone. Oh, to have half of her energy!

We left Fort Griswold and had a snack of grapes and water while driving across the Thames River to Fort Trumbull. As we were approaching the fort there were signs advertising a Civil War re-enactment to be held at the fort. We picked the perfect day for our trip!!! There were all different kinds of hands on activities for the kids to do: Ladies Loyal Society, U.S. Christian Commission, Army Surgeon, etc. Even Abe Lincoln and Governor Buckingham (from Lebanon!) were there!!

We had a great day!

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