Friday, July 3, 2009

Camp Smith: Day Five

Final day of Camp Smith for this week! Christina had a stomach bug so she was unable to come today. :( The 4-H campers had a shortened schedule because today is the day they go home. So for goat camp we helped them to wash their goats as if they were getting ready for show. Thankfully the day was sunny and warm because we got wet and the water was cold!!

After camp we came home for lunch: grilled cheese and ramen noodles! Then we started to gather together all the things we needed to bring to Canterbury: sheets, pillows, air mattress, carpet cleaner, towels, coolers... Enough to supply the small army that was arriving from Kansas and New Jersey.

We finally arrived at mom's and the kids played with their cousins while Sarah and Em went food shopping. John and I were lifeguards while the kids swam until about 4:30PM. We came home to milk, bringing Audrey (age 2) and Claudia (age 8) with us. Audrey loved hand feeding the goats while Abby milked them. She even gave Okra a kiss! Upon arriving back at mom's she informed her father that she needed a goat! He told her she could have one for dinner!!

Instead, we ate scrumptious grilled chicken with potato and macaroni salads. We all ate way too much! The kids all played while the grown-ups told stories and heckled each other.

Tomorrow will be a whole day at mom's starting sometime around 8:30AM. Meme and Pepe are due to arrive sometime in the afternoon. Sam will get there around 6:30PM, with sparklers/fireworks slated for 8:30PM. We will do a quick trip home at some point to milk and feed the animals. We should be completely exhausted by Sunday. And of course, Monday is the first day of Camp Smith, Part Two!
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