Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camp Smith: Day Three

This morning started with the roosters crowing just under our open window at 5AM! Sam left for his shift at the firehouse after starting the coffee (YAY!) and I slept in until 6AM. After two days of doing fencing, I am now aware of muscles that I previously did not know existed. Two ibuprofen and three cups of coffee later, I was ready to face the day.

My first obstacle was that Abby and Hannah's orthodontic appointment, which we had rescheduled twice already, was set for this morning at 10:30. Smack dab in the middle of when I was supposed to be teaching goat parts at 4-H camp. In the original plan, Sam was to be home. But then the new schedule at the firehouse changed that. Thankfully, Samara's parents were able to take them for me.

The next obstacle was the weather. Thunderstorms and rain were in the forecast for the entire day. Electric clippers and rain just don't play well together. So we arranged to have goat clipping class in the boat shed at camp. Crisis averted.

We came home to have hot dogs, chips, and lemonade for lunch, followed by a tea party complete with tea and cookies. No Mad Hatters or grinning cats. After our tea we took a trip to the town library to return our overdue books and movies. I found a new author that I like: Tamara Alexander and took out a couple of her books. The girls all found books to read and once again promised to not lose them. I just give the librarians $3 per week as a rule. We always have something that is overdue.

After the library we came home to watch a movie while it thundered and poured outside. At 3PM we got a break and everyone was shooed outside to start the animal chores.

Sam comes home tomorrow, so we'll be back to fencing for Day Four...
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