Monday, July 13, 2009

Camp Smith Part 2: Day Five, Six and Seven

Friday we spent the day getting ready for the big weekend: two separate one day goat shows. An ADGA show in Vernon and the North Stonington Fair. We did grocery shopping, stocking the tack box, washing the goats, etc. After dinner everyone took showers and went to bed early.

Saturday dawned and everyone was up and moving by 5AM. When we finally finished loading the trailer and van it was 6AM and we were behind schedule. We did manage to get the animals loaded and were on the road by 6:20. We arrived at the ADGA show in Vernon and began to unload and set up for showing our goats. We had a great show. My goat: Lucille, won best udder in breed!! Many of our does placed very well in their breed classes. It was good to get the affirmation that we are heading in the right direction with our breeding program. I think the Kansas cousins had fun practicing their showmanship as they helped us (and everyone around us) show their animals in the breed classes.

The highlight of the day, though, was the fitting and showmanship classes. Sam and I strongly believe that fitting and showmanship are the most important, as that is when the child is judged on how well they care for their animal and how much they know about their animal. They are also judged on how well they move their animal in the ring. All of our girls did extremely well. Abby took first place in her class of Junior showmanship!! The judge commented on her knowledge of her animal and on goats in general. Rachel and Samantha's goats were reluctant to cooperate in the ring, but they are working with baby goats who need the girls to spend more time training them. It was wonderful to see that each of the classes had Great Goats 4-H'ers at the top positions!

Saturday night, again everyone took showers and went to bed early. Sunday morning dawned a gloomy gray but the forecasters were promising the sun would come out, so we packed everything, again. This time, things went much smoother. By the end of fair season we will have it down pat!
We arrived at the North Stonington fair at 7AM and began setting up for the show. As the goat show superintendents, we needed to check in all the animals and youth, make sure they were all entered in the right classes, and retrieve the ribbons. It sounds simple but when 85 goats descend upon you within a one hour period, it gets just slightly chaotic.

The show went well. We had a very good judge who took some time to teach the peewee and novice classes about showmanship. The breed classes went quickly and smoothly. We had an excellent ribbon girl. Christina, who came to Camp Smith Part One, arrived to pass out the ribbons as the judge placed the entries. She did a great job! I believe we were finished at around 2:30PM which gave everyone some time to sit back, relax, and visit the fair before we had to start cleaning up to go home.

Our chickens all placed well at the fair also. The chicken that Elizabeth chose to exhibit won first prize! She was very happy about that. I think all the kids had a fun weekend. The cousins were picked up and on their way to more adventures and we were in bed by 9PM! I would have more pictures but the batteries in my camera died. Also, I think my camera has been dropped one too many times, as many of the photos came out very blurry and grainy.
Abby in showmanship with Nite Lite
Matt 'Ski in showmanshipElizabeth helps show a ToggElizabeth and Rachel showing ToggsOlivia at the North Stonington Fair with Silicon just before the batteries died.Part of the Junior Showmanship class: Matt, Jeremiah, ?,?, Abby, and Kacey
Samantha trying to get Cadmium to move in Showmanship
Hannah showing Ya-elRachel showing Polonium
Someone took this picture of me despite death threats.

Abby and Nite Lite outside the barnJosiah and his doeRachel and Polonium exiting the showmanship class Abby very happy with her first place ribbon in Showmanship. Notice the ribbon has been partially eaten by Nite Lite. Abby's favorite goats always eat ribbons...
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