Saturday, September 26, 2009

Apple Picking

It was such a beautiful day today, we decided to take a drive to Eastford and go apple picking. The drive was lovely. We had our new Steve Petit CD's loaded onto the ipod ready to go. Some of the trees are just starting to turn color and the sunshine was perfect with just enough of a cool breeze to make it feel like fall.

Abby tried to avoid getting her picture taken, but the camera was too fast!

It took us only ten minutes to pick just shy of two bushels of apples! Of course we all had to sample one to make sure they were the right kind!

After we left the orchard we decided to continue to enjoy the weather and stopped at the Mansfield Hollow Dam trail. We walked about a mile along the trail before turning around and walking the mile back. About 150 yards from the end, I told Abby to be careful as she was running with Samantha on her back. Not a second later Sam and I heard a "SPLAT!" behind us. We turned to see Hannah sprawled on the pavement. She had tripped and managed to scrape her knees pretty deeply. She said she was thankful she avoided hitting her face!

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