Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Latest Addition

Our newest addition to the "farm" arrived last night. "Honey" is chestnut with a dark brown dorsal stripe, which interestingly, makes her look very similar to our Oberhasli goats.

Several months ago, we had told Rachel that the only way we could get a horse right now would be if God gifted us with one. (I think my exact words were "God would have to bowl us over with a horse.") Rachel prayed faithfully and without wavering that God would do just that, and He did!

Honey needed a home with someone who had the time to care for her and ride her. It also needed to be a cow-free home. Her previous owners were very happy to see that she was going to a home where children would be riding her and doting on her. She is a very sweet horse and loaded easily onto the trailer. It took a little coaxing to get her into her new pasture as the goats were a curiosity to her. But she soon relaxed and went in.

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