Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had our Christmas Eve morning brunch on Thursday. We had so much fun doing it. The girls and I spent all day Wednesday preparing foods and cleaning the house. Hannah worked on an area downstairs for the kids to eat and play, while Nathalie and Abby made dessert-type foods. Rachel and Samantha were our "gophers" and worked busily to keep up with washing and drying the dishes. I worked on the egg dishes that needed to refrigerate overnight. The Christmas carols were playing and everyone was singing along. At one point I just sat back and listened to my girls take joy in doing for others.

We estimate about 80 people came through our home! It was so wonderful! Old friends met again and new ones were made! We ate through approximately 16 dozen eggs! Again I took time to just sit and listen as Nancy realized she was holding her 9th cousin 1 time removed (my nephew Seamus) and Pastor Henry explained his progress on his dissertation. The Johnson family, on their way to family on the Cape. The Brodsky's, just returned from their trip to Florida. Benjamin Denis, who I haven't seen since his rowdy days as a teenager, back from his student exchange adventure in Australia; all grown up and a gentlemen. The joyous "noise" from downstairs was music to my ears and the resounding sound of laughter from every corner of our home was awesome to hear.

Yesterday we took time to travel to Engine 8 in Waterbury. We brought Sam and the guys some of the goodies leftover from the brunch. About 45 minutes into our visit we could hear the city getting busy with calls. We knew our time together was getting short, so we wrapped up our discussions of our upcoming trip to North Carolina. When the lights came up and the alarm sounded we watched Daddy get his gear on and drive the fire engine out the door with his crew. We then cleaned up the mess and drove home to take care of the animals and settle in to watch a Star Trek (original series) marathon.

"Santa" came last night! So after animals are taken care of and Daddy gets home we will open our gifts. I will be sure to post pictures later!
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