Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Party At Mom's and a Blizzard

Because the forecast was for many inches of snow, my mom's Christmas party was moved from Sunday afternoon to Saturday. We ended up with about 21 inches of snow from our blizzard.Nathalie trying to take Pippi out in the snow.
Our Rudolph decoration was covered!
The front railing!
Pippi, after stepping into the snow and sinking over her head, refused to come off the stairs.
Falling snow at 6AM on Decemeber 20th. You can just barely make out the swing set.
Aunt Sindy, Rachel and Nathalie

Tom playing with John's new toy.

Granpepe passes out the Santa sack.

Rachel holding Seamus.

Hannah and Rachel.

Uncle Pete and cousins, Dante and Tiana.
Rachel and Nathalie

Nathalie helps Granpepe read the names.

John and his new flying toy.

Granpepe with the Santa sack and the bell.

Granmeme and Granpepe Gorman

Granmeme passes out the Mrs. Claus sack of presents.

Crystal's dog, Coco, shows off her new outfit.

Tom and Andy FINALLY resort to reading the instructions for the flying toy.

Andy and Lauren

Pepe and Amelia

Olivia and Amelia

Amelia dances for us!

Maybe the box is candy too?

Amelia just liked ripping the paper!

One very tired little girl! She wouldn't nap for fear of missing even a second fo the party!

Lauren, with Abby holding Seamus.

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