Sunday, December 6, 2009

How Many...?

How many pictures does it take to get five children and four animals to have the perfect Christmas card photo???

Abby is looking down and Pippi is in front of Nathalie's face:

Abby is still looking down:

Samantha's hair is in her face and Abby is glaring at her goat:

Samantha's not looking, the horse is sticking out her tongue, and Rachel is sitting weird, but at least the goats are facing the right direction:

Rachel is still sitting weird, Samantha's hair and Abby's goat are not cooperating:

Abby and Hannah are looking down, but the horse is looking the right direction:

Everyone is looking the right direction (except the horse), but Samantha has a weird look on her face:

Almost got it here, but Abby wasn't smiling:

Again, Samantha with the weird face! But the goats look good!

Just about there! Samantha is still hunching her shoulders:


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