Friday, December 18, 2009

Vet Visit

I arrived home from work yesterday to Hannah racing from the backyard to tell me that Honey (the horse) was colicing. Sam was walking her and had already called his brother (knows horses) and the vet. The vet was on her way, so I took a turn walking her so Sam could get warmed up. As I walked her I tried to calm Rachel down, who had been told months ago, we wouldn't be spending lots of money to save Honey if she should colic. A 20+ year old horse wasn't worth the thousands of dollars that it would take to fix a bad case.

So when the vet arrived, she checked her over and felt we could make a good attempt at saving Honey without involving thousands of dollars. Some pain killers and water and mineral oil into her and she was looking slightly improved. The vet did find that she has a serious heart murmur, but as long as we are not doing barrel racing she should be fine.
This morning the horse is still up on her feet and looking good.
Of course we had to take a photo...
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