Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Vacation- Day one and Two

We have returned from our vacation to North Carolina to visit my mom and dad. We left on Thursday January 14th around 3 PM. (Only 45 minutes behind schedule!) We hit traffic in Middletown and again in Waterbury, which put us further behind schedule. We managed to reach our hotel in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania at 10PM, where we quickly crashed and slept well.

We completed the second leg of our trip with some rousing and sometimes full contact games of "Yellow Car-I Win" and "Hugbuggy"! We made a stop about 3 hours north of my parents' house at a place called Natural Bridge. Unfortunately the hikes were closed due to ice, but we were able to walk down to the bridge. It was one of "those moments". We were expecting something you could walk through, maybe drive a car through. We rounded the corner and the bridge was there, smack in front of us, and we all abruptly stopped and almost in unison said, "Whoa!" It was massive! The guide told us it is taller than Niagra falls! It was once surveyed by a young George Washington and Thomas Jefferson bought it for $2.94!

Also at this place was a Toy Museum where we found Creepy Claus's cousin. (If you don't know who Creepy Claus is, ask me someday). The girls enjoyed looking at all the "old" toys. Sam and I both felt really old as toys we played with when kids were some of the ones on display!

We finally arrived in Denver, North Carolina about 4:30PM. We had dinner and made plans for the week with all the brochures Mom had found for us.
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