Saturday, January 23, 2010


For day three of our trip we planned a trip to the Carolina Raptor Center and the Duke Energy Explorium. My dad joined us on this trip while my mom stayed home with her cold.
The Raptor place was very fun. We saw all kinds of birds of prey. Rachel really enjoyed the owls and the hawks were really neat to see up close. All of the birds there had been damaged by wires, cars, or "unknown" things, and were unable to heal well enough to be re-released into the wild. Last year alone the Raptor Center had over 700 birds go through their facility! The Bald Eagles and the Golden Eagles were really fascinating.

After the Raptor Center we went to the Duke Nuclear Power plant where they had an interesting exhibit that explained all about nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and solar energy, and electricity. Outside they had a 1 mile hike that took you down to the lake's edge and had various stops along the way that taught about the local wildlife in the area.

Day four entailed attending church at teh Eastside Baptist Church in Mooresville. It took us 40 minutes to get there from my parent's house becuase they live on the other side of the lake from everything. It was a smallish church with about 150 in attendence. This was a relief to us after driving past so many "mega-churches" which had hundreds of people. Everyone was very friendly and the sermon was good too.

After church we had lunch and met my dad at "The Pit". This was the local go kart racing and laser tag place. It was built inside an old mill and was a LOT of fun. We didn't do the kart racing because it was rather pricey, but we did play two rounds of laser tag. I think my dad had waaayyy too much fun shooting me! The girls also played a few games in the arcade and had fun spending their tokens on candy.

When we got back to mom's we celebrated Rachel's birthday. Mom made an ice cream cake which came out a little funny looking, but tasted good!
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