Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Weekend- Family Visit

Yes, last weekend. That's how busy things have been around here! I am just now getting around to talking about last weekend...

My parents drove up from North Carolina, my sister and family flew in from Kansas, another sister and family flew in from Kansas by way of Florida, a brother, with his wife, and sister drove in from New Jersey, and my other siblings, who live in Connecticut, all converged at the house in Canterbury. It has been a really long time since we have all been together and it was so much fun!

Thursday night, two of my nieces came down to our house to spend the night, while Samantha stayed in Canterbury to hang with her younger cousins. It was fun to watch as the cousins re-established their pecking order. Friday, we had two farm tours and the nieces were great helpers in getting ready for them. The girls rode Honey, played on the computer, hiked in the woods and went frog hunting in the downtime.

After the tours and evening chores were finished, we drove back up to Canterbury. Abby and Nathalie babysat for all but the three littlest cousins, while all of the siblings and spouses went out to dinner with mom and dad at The Mansion at Bald Hill (What a place! The food was beautiful and tasted wonderful!). Somewhere there is a cute picture of the three baby cousins (Seamus, Charlie, and Francesca) all in a row in their seats, sound asleep. We had a fantastic meal and a lot of fun just hanging out together. I think Mom really enjoyed seeing all of her kids together.

On Saturday, we all got together back in Canterbury again. This time joined by the grandparents and some aunts and uncles and more cousins. We consumed thirty pounds of corned beef, with copious quantities of cabbage, potatoes and carrots, and desserts by the dozens. In the afternoon Abby and I returned back to our place to take care of the animals. We brought my niece Audrey along with us. She was so cute, jabbering the whole time. She really enjoyed telling the chickens to "GO AWAY!" as she collected the eggs.

Saturday night we said our goodbyes to everyone as they were all heading back home either that night or on Sunday. Mom and dad were staying until Tuesday morning, so on Monday afternoon we snuck in an extra visit before they left.

The next big get together will be in July for the grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary!
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