Monday, April 12, 2010

Old Sturbridge Village

The public school had a field trip planned for Old Sturbridge Village for both Rachel and Samantha's classes. It was going to cost me $35 per kid for them to go! Thankfully my sister had given us a family membership for Christmas, so we took Rachel and Samantha out of school for the day and invited the Rodgers family to come along. (For what it would have cost Mrs. Rodgers to send one kid on the field trip, the whole family got in!)

It was raw and rainy as we arrived just before the Village opened (and before the buses had even left the elementary school), but we were hopeful that the weather gurus would be right and it would clear out around noontime. We visited the Small House, so named because, well, it is small. We learned that 12-13 people would live in this house that was the size of my living room!

We continued to check out the buildings and activities and the rain continued to come down. We ate lunch in the van as the rain poured down. (So much for weather gurus!) We discussed leaving early, but the kids really wanted to check out the play area that was off limits to school groups, and they hadn't seen the school kids yet. It was an indoor activity so we agreed to it.

The rain had slowed to a steady drizzle when they had finished playing, so we went to check out the school house, Freeman farm, cooper and blacksmith. At the farm we saw a lot of old 1830's tools. Most of which my father-in-law still uses when we do hay with them in the summer!

At the blacksmith shop dad got to talking with the blacksmith about wheelwrights. Turns out the two wheel stones at my in-laws house are very valuable! The blacksmith let the girls go behind the chain and pull on the bellows to build up the fire. He then told us about the Bixby family that had owned the blacksmith shop and the house across the way.

We finally bumped into the school group as they were leaving for the buses. After checking out the damage to the covered bridge caused by the high water, William had reached the end of his patience, so we opted to leave and come again another day. When it is warm and sunny, because the rain never really did end...
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