Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Day In Canterbury

The girls and I spent Saturday at my parent's house in Canterbury. My brother Tom, his wife Lisa and their two daughters: Olivia and Amelia, also came to visit. Lisa is due with their next baby sometime in late February or early March!

The cousins all play together so nicely. Olivia at twelve years old, gets along great with Hannah. They helped Rachel and Samantha in the deep end of the pool with their swimming and diving. It's nice to finally have all the girls swimming and not have to be in the pool to make sure no one is drowning. I think the girls were in the pool for a total of about three hours! Despite blue lips and shivering they insisted the water was warm and didn't want to come out!

Mom and Dad leave for North Carolina again, but will return at the end of September for several art shows. I will be gone to Wisconsin for most of that visit, as I am the chaperon for the Connecticut 4-H delegates to the National Dairy Conference! It'll be a whirlwind week. The day I fly back to Connecticut is the day we drive up to Massachusetts for the Big E! I should be good and tired, and hopefully not too cranky!
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