Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Curriculum

For me, one of the more fun parts of homeschooling is trying out new curriculum. I love checking out new publishers, new authors, and new editions. Sometimes we hit on a great curriculum, such as Teaching Textbooks for our math. Other times we try it and it just doesn't fit well with our schedules or learning styles, such as BJU math. And sometimes, what didn't work for one kid, will work for another: Hannah hated (and I mean HATED!) Rod and Staff English, but Rachel and Samantha are enjoying it.

Yesterday the mailman delivered a heavy box from CBD ( This could mean only one thing since it isn't November: NEW CURRICULUM! The girls opened it to see what new stuff we would be trying this year. In the box was a copy of "The Red Badge of Courage" for Abby and Nathalie's American literature course. (It was cheaper to buy the book than pay the late fees at the library!)

I had also relented and purchased the second edition version of Apologia Biology. I am so glad I did! This newer version is so improved over the older. Pictures of the dissections, better diagrams, better study guides and vocabulary guides, quarterly tests in addition to chapter tests. Abby is envious that Nathalie gets to use the newer book!

The last book in the box was our new Bible curriculum. This year we will be studying as a family so it took me while to find something that would be a fit for everyone from (nearly) nine year old Samantha up to sixteen year old Abigail. At a homeschool conference back in June I had heard a speaker who talked about Apologia's new Biblical Worldview/Apologetics curriculum. I like Apologia's science curriculum and the way they present information. So I ordered "Who Is God, And Can I Really know Him?" Yesterday as I worked through planning the first lesson, I became really excited. This curriculum is basic enough that Rachel and Samantha will get it, but it also gets into "real world" applications that will challenge even myself!

That's really it for "new" curriculum this year. Now in our seventh year of homeschooling, our school books are pretty well fine-tuned, so the anticipation of new "stuff" doesn't happen as often as it once did. The upside of that is I am spending less money this year for curriculum!
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