Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

So what do you do on a beautiful fall day, with a group of homeschoolers?
It counts as physical education in my book!

We were joined by three other families at Harkness park in Waterford. I, of course, forgot the camera...

Here is the list of things I came up with for the kids to find after they broke up into five teams of three kids each:

1.Find out who on your team has the nearest birthday coming up. How old will they be? Find that many small sea shells and put them in a sock.
2.Find two different types of leaf.
3.Find something that you could compost.
4.Find something that looks like a cloud.
5.Find something that is spiky.
6.Find something shaped like a heart.
7.Using whatever you can find, make a beard for one of your teammates to wear.
8.Find a yellow leaf
9.Find something with two languages on it.
10.Find a worm
11.Find a pine cone
12.Find a coin
13.Make a bracelet out of two different colored shoelaces
14.Make a necklace of leaves (NOT poison ivy!!)
15.Collect four squares of toilet paper
16.Add together the ages of your team. Collect that number of small beach stones and put them in a sock.
17.Bring back a cup of beach sand
18.Find a bird feather
19.Find something with spots on it.
20.Discover one fact about Harkness Park or the Mansion.

Abby's team was the only team able to find all the items. They even found the worm!
While the kids were scavenging, we adults went looking for a letterbox on the grounds. We found the spot, but not the letterbox.
Afterwards, we all had a picnic lunch on the grounds. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the fresh air and running around certainly wore out the kids!
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