Wednesday, November 10, 2010

By The Numbers...

                          1 husband
                                 5 children                  
                        14 goats
                                                    45 chickens
                           8 goats bred for a potential of up to 16 kids born in Spring
                         1 horse
                                     3 dogs
1 beehive
                  6 cats
                                                                   2 vehicles
                                                   1 camper
            1 trailer
                                               1 broken baler
5 school desks
                                                       15 days until Thanksgiving

                                                               5 gallons of milk consumed in a week

 65 books checked out of the library (as of last night)
$3.15 in library fines paid this month (so far!)
                                           4 neglected houseplants
100 days of homeschool completed (we school year round)
                                                                                 164 days left of homeschool for this "year"

                                 6 years since we started homeschooling
                                                  9 more years to go
17 years married
                    11 months and 9 days since we cut up the credit cards
                                                   45 pounds of honey sold this year   
      4 holiday dresses completed

1 holiday dress cut out
3 cups of coffee drank this AM
                                       199 "friends" on facebook
                                       2 loaves of bread baked every other day
317 days until my birthday
                           15 years that Sam has been a Waterbury Firefighter
                                                    9 pairs of boots in the mudroom

                                                             8 items on my grocery list
44 days until Christmas! 

Countless Blessings!
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