Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Fireman's Wife

I just finished the book "The Fireman's Wife" by Susan Farren.

I laughed, I cried. It is kind of amazing how similar her experiences were to what I have experienced with Sam's firefighting career. If anyone wants to know what goes on inside the minds of those of us married to a firefighter, this book is the answer.

So I thought I would write out some of my own "You might be a fireman's wife if...:

... every vehicle you own has a Maltese cross decal on it.

... nearly every t-shirt your husband owns is a memorial shirt for various firefighters from all over the country. The rest of his t-shirts are department issue.

... everyone thinks it's great that your husband can deal with all the emergencies that happen in your home... except that if something bad happens, it's guaranteed he's working at the firehouse and on a call.

... the batteries in your smoke detectors are fresh every 3 months.

... your kids know the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine.

... you can in your head, figure out the "24 on 24 off" schedule to determine if your husband is scheduled or not. Not that it matters, because he'll be called in for overtime on whatever day you need him home, anyway.

... you plan your life as if you don't have a husband and are delightfully surprised if he is able to accompany you.

... you know what IAFF, LODD, SCBA, NFPA, and IFSTA mean.

... you say a prayer when your phone call ends abruptly with "Gotta go," click.

... you have a love/hate relationship with the word "overtime".

... the playing of bagpipes makes you tear up.

... you have had Christmas/Thanksgiving day in the apparatus bay.

... every room in your house has at least one thing in it that is firefighter related.

... you have learned to let God have control and to trust that He will bring your husband home safe. And that even if He doesn't, He is still God, and He will be with you through that too.
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