Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Sam got home from the firehouse at 9PM on Christmas Eve. Just in time to help Santa put out the gifts. That was my gift this year: Sam home for Christmas for the first time in FOURTEEN years!

This year somehow all the beaded garlands slid to the bottom of the tree!
The girls made lots of gifts for each other this year, and because we were home late from Meme's house they decided to wait until Christmas morning to open them. They each used their own special talent to give a gift of themselves. Sewing projects, jewelry projects, paintings, and special bookmarks!
The girls slept until nearly 7AM and headed out to feed and water the animals while Sam and I prepared another (MUCH SMALLER) Christmas brunch for when Meme and Pepe and Great Uncle John arrived.
After breakfast the girls changed into their new pajamas from Meme and began opening their gifts.


Mom (Meme) and Dad (Pepe) opening Hannah's gift.

My uncle (Great Uncle John) came with a HUGE box! The girls eagerly tore it open to find it FILLED with CANDY! Pounds and pounds of chocolate, peppermint, gummies, etc! Enough to last until July 4th, I think!


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